Mad Pride logo (2018)MAD PRIDE

Mad Pride is a global mass movement of the users of mental health services, and their allies, that began in Toronto.

It seeks to reclaim terms such as ‘mad’ and ‘nutter’ from misuse. It aims to educate on potential causes of mental distress and the experiences of those who use mental health services but, most of all, it celebrates and stands in solidarity with those who experience distress.

Encouraged by the response to the more creative elements of Liverpool Mental Health Festival, we decided to develop a slightly more left-field event in the spirit of Mad Pride, focusing on a celebration of the creative aspects of madness, of being unique, challenging stigma and surviving.

Sat 21st April 2018, 3.00pm – 9.00pm at District, Jordan St, Liverpool L1 0BP

Followed by Mad Pride Parade, 9.00pm – 10.00pm

All Welcome

This year our Mad Pride theme will be Circus of the Absurd – so please roll up in your best fancy dress costume, if you wish!

Performers for 2018 include:

Mad Pride 2018 Performers

The Strumbrellas were formed in the summer of 2017 following a ukulele course at PSS Umbrella Wellbeing Centre. They’re a collective of musicians with varying levels of skill & experience, playing an eclectic mix of folk & popular tunes. They may be rough around the edges, but play with a toe-tapping, hand-clapping quirkiness that lifts the spirits & raises a smile.

Leebo Luby
Leebo Luby (founding member of Teatro Pomodoro) presents ‘Farucchio Peru Is Extraordinaire’ extract: a one-man variety show of absurdity & MADness. It’s a riotously surreal concoction of clown, kitsch & nonsense born from one man’s ridiculous dream to be the greatest entertainer the world has never known.

Beija Flo
From a lovely room in a horrible house somewhere between Watford gap & the Land of Oz, Beija Flo is a calm kind of frenzy, fashioning songs for doomed lovers & don’t know why’s. With bitter lust, the love lost, dream boat lah-di-dah in a jam jar. Tearjerker & easy to talk to. Naturally, Beija Flo.

Jolly Boat
Jollyboat are the UK’s best comedy-pirate-geek-rock duo. Brothers Tommy & Ed write catchy songs & lyrics packed with fast-paced one-liners. They always have fun, & it’s highly infectious.

Rowena Gander
Object (auto) Biography untangles some of the complex themes found in pole dance discourse. Through an experimental, sometimes hidden or exposed display of the body, this work foregrounds her individual interpretation & experience of pole dance practice, inviting you to reconsider preconceived notions of the female who dances with the pole.

Chanel & the Circus
Hollywood’s fun, but Liverpool’s always been home from home. Chanel & the Circus will be promoting their new album & video about the discovery of self-love & realization called ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ –  wrapped up in spandex & glitter. They’re always working on something in themselves as all of us are, & it helps to add some sparkle to the trials. Mad Pride, they’re coming for you!

Freak folk outfit, Mamatung, bring a sprinkling of Scouse ceremony with a journey to the centre of the heart. A set entwined with spirited melodies, chants, serendipitous harmonies & a magical mixture of musical instruments.

Jodiema is a songwriter & musician. Her autoharps & chants have been likened to a ‘hippier, dreamier Vashti Bunyan’ & she currently plays with Mamatung. She loves to improvise songs in the moment & play whatever instrument she can get her hands on, so watch out for her special Mad Pride impro.

Teatro Pomodoro (Undercover Ravers)
There has been an infiltration! Who could it be? There is a group of undercover agents at work here, & you may be their target. “For what?” you may ask. “To drop the bass” they will respond.

Freefall Aerial Circus
Loneliness will be conquered. Fears will be quashed & aren’t we all the same underneath it all. A park bench leads to a chance encounter with a furry friend. Aerial circus & acrobatics tell this fable of fitting in & weirding out.

The Loose Moose String Band
Comprise of a gang of acoustic music loving fools from Liverpool. They play a wide variety of musical styles including Bluegrass, Old Time, Honky Tonk, Western Swing, Rock & Roll, & 80’s pop classics.

More to be announced!