LATEST NEWS: Click here to read a personal reflection on Liverpool Mental Health Consortium’s possible closure – Threat of Extinction to LMHC

Liverpool Mental Health Consortium was set up in 1995 by people with lived experience of mental distress who wanted to be listened to and understood by the people who designed, paid for and delivered mental health services, and who wanted a say in how those services responded to their needs.

We are part of the change that means ‘mental health’ is now an everyday topic of conversation. We help to dispel myths & challenge stigma, as well as influence concrete change in policy and service delivery. Our current work draws on artistic and creative models of participation in order to link with Liverpool Festivals and academic research, whilst retaining our commitment to community leadership, diverse voices, and lobbying for social change based on lived experience.

You can read about our work to date in our fabulous retrospective booklet, click the image below to view as PDF:
LMHC Retrospective The First 22 Years