LGBT Mental Health Strategy Group

LMHC has a strategy group to look at the specific needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans people. We know from local & national research, & from feedback from the local LGBT community, that mental health is an important issue. People from these communities are more likely to experience mental distress than the population as a whole. This has been linked to the levels of prejudice, discrimination, harassment & violence, which can lead to low self-esteem & social isolation. People also report difficulty in accessing services due to staff attitudes, which range from simple lack of awareness to open expression of homophobia & transphobia.

LMHC has responded to these needs by coordinating activities around 4 organising principles:

  • We need to support people across the whole of the life span
  • We need to promote prevention & build resilience
  • We need to improve access to mainstream health & social care services
  • We need to build up specific services for LGBT people to supplement the mainstream

So far, work has included:

  • Developing & promoting the 5 LGBT Ways to Wellbeing
  • Promoting LGBT issues in mental health settings
  • Promoting mental health issues at LGBT events, such as Pride
  • Developing Equality training for the main providers of mental health services, Mersey Care Trust & Inclusion Matters Liverpool
  • Promoting the on-going development of Queer Notions, who have championed LGBT mental health needs for the past 12 years
  • Close involvement in the development of Liverpool’s Trans Pathway


The group currently meets bi-monthly. For more information, contact Claire Stevens – 237 2688