Finding Some Way Through: A City Of The Mind

Finding Some Way Through: A City of the Mind is a sound piece created by participants during a project with Liverpool Mental Health Consortium & Writing on the Wall led by composer and musical director Patrick Dineen

The group met for twelve weeks, and recorded in locations across the city to create a unified piece of work to mark Blue Monday, regarded traditionally as the most depressing day of the year. The project aims to highlight issues of mental health, work to remove the stigma attached to it, and offer support and a signpost to people suffering mental health issues through the Liverpool mental Health Consortium.

Participants worked with Patrick to create an imaginary world with sound, using modern digital technology techniques. The project explored sampling, field recording and studio production. All participants created a ‘district’ of their own in a imaginary city of sound. The project also considered the definition of self and psychological wellbeing in relation to the psychologically repressive and ‘unhealthy’ world in which we live. ‘Being heard’ is a key theme.