Overview and philosophy


MISSION STATEMENT: To champion the voices of those affected by mental distress in Liverpool, help improve local mental health services, & challenge stigma through engagement with those concerned.

The values running throughout all of the Consortium’s work are:

  • INDEPENDENCE – We are independent, but work collaboratively with mental health commissioners & service providers
  • INTEGRITY – We work openly & transparently
  • INCLUSIVITY – We actively seek out the voices of all service users & people with experience of mental distress

The Consortium has a broad membership made up of service users and carers with direct experience of mental distress, people with a more general interest in mental health, and organisations that work with those in distress. Membership forms can be found in the downloads section HERE

By giving service users the opportunity to develop a collective voice about their experiences and needs, the Consortium can ensure that their voice is heard by those people who commission, develop and provide services, challenge current practice and influence the development of services and policy.

  • The Consortium Action Committee is the group that co-ordinates the work of the organisation.
  • The Trustees look after its property and funds and have the power to appoint a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and other honorary officers, make rules and regulations and establish procedures.
  • The Service User Group is a more informal meeting and a safe space to interact with and learn from other service users.
  • The What Women Want Group, LGBT Mental Health Strategy Group, & BAMER Mental Health Strategy Group provide a platform specifically for the views and aspirations of these groups of service users and those organisations that work with them.